Ohmygosh... someone learned something.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jun 26, 2007.

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    The repair work recently posted where we had to remove about 60' of concrete to cap off three lateral lines must have gotten someone's attention. The district is planning on concreting in "concrete-locked" planters around four buildings at one of our middle schools because of severe drainage problems (roof downspouts... not irrigation) causing mold and other problems in the buildings. I had to go out today and see what type of swing joints were originally installed on the planter sprinkler heads so they can be capped off without leaking. Imagine that they don't want any barbed/ha-ha's left in the ground to cause problems like they did at the other school. :nono:

    Good thing is that I've been told that someone else will be capping off the approximately 75-100 sprinkler heads because we are just so darn busy. Yippee!!! :cool2:

    Pic #1 shows part of the typical planters and Pic #2 shows that the swing joints put in actually met our specs. The entire swing joint will be removed and PVC threaded plugs w/ Teflon tape installed. Can't just find the lines at the tees (outside planters beyond original sidewalks will remain intact) and cap off the lines because... you guessed it... they're under concrete. :laugh:

    La Joya 600 Wing Swing Joints 6-26-07 IV-01.jpg

    La Joya 600 Wing Swing Joints 6-26-07 IV-02.jpg
  2. OK, now here is a question, Why not just cut out the fitting and replace with a repair coupling? At least in this one pic above, I think this would be a better option since if you are trying to put a plug in a dirty\fouled area, just too simple to screw up the thread on the fitting.

    Even with Teflon, I have seen capped and bushing type caps eventually leak, though in this case, you'll be sipping beer and fishing up north by the time they become a problem.
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    75-100 of these? :)

    Righto! After I'm gone it's someone else's problem. :laugh:

    And here's another thought... Why didn't the original architect figure out that he'd have problems with his design of 4" roof downspouts dumping directly into planters creating big washouts and moisture problems? :nono:
  4. How many downspouts are you talking about? Why not tie these into existing drainage\storm system at school?

    Either way, the work is cut out for sombody else.

    How many days to the last payroll check?
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    Probably three per side of building. I'm not sure why they don't do this either other than they probably figure just concreting in the planters and having everything run away from the building is the best solution.

    Hopefully they keep it that way. I'm 35 work orders behind and something new crops up every day to keep screwing things up. Amazing that I'm not going crazy but I see the light at the end of the tunnel... retirement day.

    I'm shooting on Oct. 15th as official retirement date but I'd be gone on vacation five weeks prior to that. If the house sells (planning on putting it on the market around July 15th) I can always bump that up to a 30 day notice and walk out. :)
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    Purp, if someone learned something that means it wont be long until they realize how screwed up the system is and they will leave. Then its time to retrain everyone all over again....

    I looking at an October retirement as well....October 2037 that is...:)
  7. That puts you at around 35. Since people will be living to a 100 then (I'll be a spry 85) Retirement will be moved to 75.
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    invest smart and put $$ away early and often....you wont need to wait until 75

    If I feel good, I'd stay doing the job I'm doing....its not like it hard on the body, just hard on the mind...
  9. I tried teaching my 22 year old assistant that philosophy. I use the double your money every 7 years method of explaining. Thought I had him on board for saving at least 500/year in an IRA. Couldn't get him to pull the trigger though.
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    direct deposit 200 a month into an IRA...that on top of my GU Pension....I'll be ok...Even if I'm not working at GU when the time comes I've already got my daughters college fund at 70K earning 10%, and shes only 7......I invested most of the procedes from the sale of my business into her college fund...

    heck I would have gotten a bunch of money back from the feds but I actually invested more into my retirement than I should have. DOH...oh well...

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