Okay manifold boxers. Teach this Texan

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  1. Have a job on a large mansion property. This is 4 2" valves in 10" round boxes. The valves are about 18" deep. We have stacked boxes but the mowers run over the boxes and keep pushing them back into the ground which of course causes a low area and this unattractive mess. Besides setting this whole thing in concrete what would you suggest?


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    Even us manifold loving fools put 2" valves in their own 10" cans.
  3. Well I'll be. So we aren't so different after all.:dancing:
  4. 12"x17" VBs with the boxes notched out 3-4" on inlet and outlet.....or 2 jumbo boxes if they will fit
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    Or those smaller rectangular boxes plus extensions. One box per valve.
  6. I thought of that but these valves are close to a driveway and the boxes will really stick out. Plus I'm nervous about the mowers breaking a tee. I may move the whole mess 20 yards up and line them up (perpendicular to how they are now.) so the mowers can go over them in one cut without running the wheels over the boxes.
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    Put garden gnomes on the lids.
  8. Mexican mowers would run over those but maybe the Virgin of Guadalupe statues would work.
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    Why can't you get some drain tile of the right size to use as extensions, and support them on bricks?
  10. What would I use for covers?

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