Old 52" Toro Groundmasters, How did they cut?

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Is this worth buying?

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  1. rm25x

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    I have always liked the Groundsmaster mowers from when I was a Toro mechanic 10+ years ago at the local Toro dealer. I found one in real good condition for a great price and was thinking of picking it up. Its a 52" cut, was used only by a homeowner. 16hp cast iron Briggs. I know they used to be pretty popular before the zero turn mowers took over. Were they decent? I like the outfront type mowers more then the mid mount zero turns myself. Would love to pick this one up, and do a mild restoration to it (paint is faded, etc) and use it to cut grass for a few of the larger properties I have. Right now I only have walk behinds.

    Is it worth spending $1,000 on? (Including paint, etc)





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