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  1. With July 4th and the All Star game coming up I decided to divert our attention to baseball chit chat and away from irrigation. I grew up in the 60's with the colt 45s/Astros. You went to games to see the other team. The highlight of my childhood was the 68 all star game in the Astrodome. Maybe the greatest assembly of pitchers ever. Final score was 2-1 I believe with Willie Mays scoring on a double play ball. For some reason I was a big Harmon Killebrew fan and he made a stretch to catch a ball for an out at first that no ball player would attempt today much less in an all star game. Unfortunately it tore his groin I believe and his career was never the same again.
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    Well, today's generation can look back fondly on a tied All-Star game called in the eleventh. Now there's a memory.
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    I grew up in Massachusetts as a kid watching the Boston Red Sox - Carl Yaztremski, jim Rice, Dwight Evans, Jery remy, Fred Lynn, Carlton Fisk, and the guys of the 70s, being coached by Don "Popeye" Zimmer. When I moved to Colorado in 1980, there was NO baseball which killed me. Little League was almost nothing at the time. I cried when they lost the '86 series, and again when they won the '04 Series. Clemens had been my favorite player until he turned into an ass with the Yankees. Clemens and Fisk both were run out of town by management thinking they were on the down end of their careers'. Clemens won multiple Cy Youngs' and Fisk played more games as a White Sox than a Red Sox player.

    The culture of baseball is so different in Mass. than in Colorado. I was back there a few weeks ago when Schilling pitched his no hitter he lost in the 9th with 2 outs. My cousin and I were at a bar there and everybody was cheering and having fun, then they were sick to their stomachs' after he lost the no hitter. People in colorado wouldn't have realized the achievement he was going for.

    I could talk baseball all the time. My dream job would probably be working within baseball, maybe reporting or broadcasting, not that I have experience in that, but it would be great.
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    MVP, with 49 home runs and 140 RBIs in 1969? Yep, Killebrew was toast. :)
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    Saturday night, Skysox's game. Perfect weather, front row seats, 3rd baseline. Skysox leat Portland Beavers. My wife, our 2 daughters and their 2 friends. Lots of pre-game autographs, 4 balls during the game. Cold beer, hot dogs, it's still all good.
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    And Sky Sox games are very inexpensive. Very affordable for the whole family to go to.
  7. Since you have a talent for this stuff check his stats in 68 or send me the url. I'm certain he pulled his hamstring or something cuz I remember the applause he got.
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  9. Well I am glad to know he bounced back the following year.
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    Grew up in Louisville and was a big Reds fan. I'm a tad bit younger than some of these, but Johnny Bench was the man. I laid awake at nights listening to the games on AM with the radio under my pillow so Mom wouldn't blast me for not being in bed. When the boys came to town for publicity stuff, they signed autographs as long as there was a crowd. I've played catch with Johnny Bench in a parking lot. Any kid with a glove could jump in and they would play with you. I wonder now if getting the gloves out and playing catch wasn't how the got out of the long autograph lines sometimes.

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