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  1. What do you guys think??? Thanks in advance.
    Looking to change from open trailers to enclosed trailers for many reasons.
    7'x16's will be the size we are buying. Have looked @ Haulmark, Pace and
    Car*Mate. I personally like Car*Mate the best so far for dealer support & most bang for the $$$. Here is the price I rcv'd on Car*Mate with the following options:
    Ramp Door (HD), 4 wall vents, E-track tie downs (full length of trailer w/tie downs), spare tire, 2 steel shelves, 2 dome lights w/wall switch, led lighting, 36" side door, 3500lbs (2) axle and side door cargo vise latch. $6000.00.
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    What are your reason for switching?
  3. security, image, weather protection, tool shed on wheels and reduces storage costs (long term)
  4. 02DURAMAX

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    Is that as wide as you want it??...Because you may find on that is 8x18 for that price...
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    Hell for $600 more you could find a 20x8ft haulmark
  6. 02DURAMAX

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    Or that too!!!
  7. Yes I could find 8x18 or 8x20 for that price but, the routes these trailers are going on are beach neighborhoods and small road areas (condo's). They are the perfect size for what we need. So, my question is any opinions on Car*Mate trailers

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