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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bblawncare, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I must agree that us Florida irrigators have a lot to learn...was referred to this system last week-customer has city water-15gpm and 3 zones had been piped w/ 1/2". 2 zones actually worked ok, but the one going through the front yard and out to a 48x9 swale was really bad. The nozzles used were close to 18gpm. Plus the swale area had a single row of 15' 1/2 heads. Needless to say, this was a very dry area.

    I replaced the index valve and repiped all the 1/2" coming out of it and then completely repiped the swale zone and used 10' fixed sprays (triangular) along the 48x9. (3) F heads were needed along a 12x35 strip before the swale. Those had previously been 15' F's. I used 12'. I thought the customer was gonna cry when I finished-he was so happy to see the heads actually throwing water. I explained that the 2 ends might suffer a little in dry times, but that the rest of the area would be much better.

    I was very happy to finally get a day and do some "fun" irrigation work. As one of my customers put it, I've "been busier than a 1 legged farmer" lately. Remember, I am a "lawn girl" who wants to be an irrigator-so I mow grass most of the day and work on irrigation when I'm finished. I hope as I gain more experience that will change...I really don't like mowing. My days have been long 11-12 hours 6 days a week-Sunday is usually spent sleeping off & on between household chores. But I'm betting some day in the not so distant future, all this hard work will pay off and I will be able to park my mowers and just load my shovel for the day...:)

    Sorry for the rambling, but I'm a girl and we do that from time to time. Besides, I don't post much, so I gotta make up for that. I'm here on LS every morning and night, but usually just too tired to say anything.:waving:


  2. VERY NICE BARB! Cleanest gluer ever. Even DW might admire that. Glad it is coming along well.
  3. bblawncare

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    I also suggested that he replace that nice wiring setup....
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    Indexing valve on city water? Hmmmmm.
  5. It has an AVB. Mr Hmmmmmmmm
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    That's part of the Hmmmmm, since AVBs aren't whole-system protectors. And the other part is whether it would have been cheaper to buy three more AVBs and skip the indexing valve, even with a 4-zone timer added on. Genuine toxic-rated backflow, plus the extra pressure you get for eliminating the indexing valve.
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    Bootsie , you see indexing valves much in your market?
  8. Good point. Plus you can set up true multiple run programs. Running index valves with a remote is a real PIB. Would eliminate that headache as well.
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    I haven't seen an indexing valve in years and years. And fine by me, since I don't imagine it's easy to winterize a system with one of those.
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    So what are the benefits and drawbacks to an indexing valve?

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