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    You just have to learn to use it. Type in the address in the Search for Location at the top of the page.
    Zoom in on property.
    Move your pointer to the corner of a property that you want to start at then click on it.
    You have placed an point icon on that spot, points are red.
    Area measured shows green.
    Go to the next corner and do the same thing. You have created a straight line. Click the 3rd corner, you have created a green triangle. Click the 4th corner, you have a green square or what ever shape, depending on the properties shape.
    The area calculation automatically updates as you place pin points along the perimeter.
    This information is displayed as

    Output : Current Area
    0 m²
    0 km²
    0 acres
    0 hectare
    0 square feet
    0 square nautical miles
    Current Perimeter
    0.000m OR 0.000feet

    You can delete or clear points using the buttons displayed.

    hope this helps:waving:

    You can measure irregular shapes easily with some practice.
    Btw, I have never logged in or had an account, it just works for me.
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  2. captken

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    I just tried It's the same base as Google's Daft Logic, just dressed a little differently Either one will work. Daft Logic gives you more information and options, findlotsize appears to be a dumbed up version that is easier to learn.

    Which ever one is easier for you to use is the one to go with.

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    I am sticking to the walk around only because lot size is not always an indicator of what you cut. I have several people with acreage most of which remains wooded. The other nice thing about a walk around is you can measure gardens for mulch while you are at it. And lastly, you had better walk the property before you cut - just in case.
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    I use Measure Map, it's an app for iPhone/iPad. Love it and its free.
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    Posts: 321 else use it?
  6. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    i dont like giloawn. i tried it 2 different times and it was hard to use. no only hard to use but if you made a mistake i couldnt go back and it still charged me. im sure if i was proficient at using it it would be ok but its expensive and there are other sources that you can use to measure properties:usflag:
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    I type the address in and click search and it does nothing.....thats it. Huh maybe i need to use the dumb version. :hammerhead::hammerhead:
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    I don't know what to say! Something is wrong. It works fine here...:confused:

    Hopefully you can find a program to your liking.
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    Hmmm I am no computer expert, so I just want share this: I always had trouble down loading updates and sometimes using on line services, this past fall I switched from cox cable to fios - I feel like I have arrived in the electronic age - so in may have something to do with your internet carrier - try google help
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    I use service vines app. For my iPhone. I will give me an idea of the lot size. But always go look for yourself. I would hate to bid something off of a map. Then find out they put in a pool or something and it wasn't on the map. Lol. I laugh cause it happened. Lesson learned!
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