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Opinions on Bearcat vac???

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Cuts.ca, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Cuts.ca

    Cuts.ca Banned
    from canada
    Posts: 24

    I have a line on a used bearcat vac, self-propelled with 5 HP Honda engine and comes with two bags. It's three years old and looks like new (or so he told me I think he's honest though).
    It's owned by a commercial LCO who doesn't have a use for it I guess, and now his Barber, who also fixes his equipment, is selling it for him.

    It was listed as a Billy Goat but that was a mistake...It's a bearcat so now I'm not so sure.

    He wants $425 CAD and told me he paid over $1500 three years ago.

    I know almost nothing about billygoat and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Bearcat, any opinions?

    I'll prolly buy it, it's mine for the taking (only $400 and no tax) I was going to buy a new one for almost three times that but it was a Billy Goat.
  2. Cuts.ca

    Cuts.ca Banned
    from canada
    Posts: 24

    I'll take it Bearcat is a obsolete machine.

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