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  1. Broker

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    Whatever happened to Paul? We was probably one of best sources of industry information this board had. And he was not trying to self-promote.
  2. eskerlite

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    Paul is relaxing in Mexico with the Kichler people this week till Tuesday. Im sure he is missing the forum as we speak.
    Sean C.
  3. klkanders

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    Hey Sean!
    Paul is in St. Thomas not Mexico. Altho what the heck does it matter both locations are much warmer than mine. :) Take Care!

  4. NightScenes

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    I'm BAAAACCCCCKKKKKK from St. Thomas!! Those Kichler trips are pretty cool and hot at the same time, if you know what I mean. It's taken me a couple of days to get caught up on some work so here I am. Thanks for asking!!

    I'll be off again the week of March 2-8 for a CLL trip to Jamaica Mon!!
  5. NightScenes

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    OK, so I'm off to Jamaica Mon. I'm headed to the airport at 4am tomorrow and I'll be back next Saturday evening. This is a CLL incentive trip that I qualified for by buying Kichler through them. It worked out really well because I got Kichler Premier contractor points toward my trip to St. Thomas and I also qualified for the CLL trip. Can you say "double dipping"?

    I'll talk to you guys next week!!

    Here's a shot from the resort in St. Thomas.


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