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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Ferti-man, Apr 7, 2008.

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    How are your trucks set up for tools and parts storage? I have a Ranger 4X4 with saddle box for some tools. I load and unload several tool boxes and most of my parts daily. I priced a drawer system and just about passed out! I am thinking of adding side rail boxes on both sides for tools (also expensive) and building a parts drawer system for parts somewhat like Dana Mac. I cannot stand loading / unloading daily. What's working for you? No van talk, that's a different world. My next vehicle might be a van though. Lets get pictures going too. Oh and a ladder rack for pipe, that's PVC AND Poly :laugh: and my in ground shut off tool tie down. I have my company info on truck now too, but have not the time to download that pick from camera right now.

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    I have a cross box like yours and 2 side boxes.Also a few milk crates in the back.
    Tools , controllers , rain sensors, all stay in toolboxes. Heads valves fittings in milk crates.
  3. Loading and unloading what a beating. If you price your total work time you are losing a lot of money because of the wrong vehicle for the job. My setup is awesome because I can pull up to any type of job and get it done without a trip to the supply house, but 9mpg s-cks. I stock my truck, I don't buy for the job. The best vehicle going for service IMO is my assistants commercial Astro van which is no longer available sadly. Plenty of room to stock, lock up to avoid theft, advertising space, small to fit in tough spots, and decent gas mileage. In your case I'd start over with that truck. Get rid of the saddle box and get a topper with side storage bins which can be locked up to allow for keeping stuff in its place. Hope you were looking for an honest opinion.
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    Picking up my new vehicle tomorrow, will post some picks this week. I have the same set-up as your truck and I am getting the same 9mpg, new set-up should get 22 on the average. Can't wait.

    Ferti-man: I would remove your existing box and replace it with a box on each side and then a false floor in the bed if you are able. I had side boxes on one of my trucks I think I paid $800 or so installed. Only downside was the blind spot they created. Other then that you should be able to keep the basics inside of them and just have your tools, wire and such in the bed.
  5. I'm predicting it is a Sprinter? Only vehicle I know of that could carry my inventory at that mpg.
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    Bingo, I have wanted one for a while. Anyone that is looking into them should consider a used one 2006 or older (25-30mpg) I am getting a new one with a expected mpg of 22 and it might approach 25 once the engine is broken in. Or atleast I hope so.
  7. I looked into them as well. A good used still runs over 20 grand. Really wanted to bite on it but having the truck paid for I can rationalize the fuel costs. I'll be most interested in your feedback. My concern was how I'd carry 20' pipe.
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    Once again, irrigators don't listen. :) He has the vehicle, it will get the job done, even if it's not the most efficient. I used a Toyota Tacoma for 4 years for service. Even towed a compressor. I'm looking at Rangers as well, and it will work fine. But if you're worried about theft, get a topper. Start by building the trays like I have posted. Do you need those pics? Then all you really need to keep exposed are shovels, rakes, etc. and 2-3 tool boxes. Which you could put in the box you already have at night.
  9. Did you read my whole post Dana?
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    I was referring to the comments about getting a van. Which he plainly said don't bring up because it's not going to happen.

    Don't yell at me.

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