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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. Pulled a London Rain job. Turned out the leak was the blue pipe connection to the house line not the DCVA tie in. Fixed it anyway.

    Chuey saw cutting.jpg

    It's down there.jpg

    It was a frigging quest fitting that cracked.jpg

    Piece of junk. .jpg
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    What material/schedule is the blue stuff?
  3. Hope since I posted pics of us using a saw.... it inspired you :clapping:

    Looks like PEX....
  4. I call that stuff quest pipe.

    More pics:

    The mind that comes up with this stuff is unbelievable:hammerhead: conundrum or kludge? You pick

    The first is a master valve

    Then he snipped the wires off the AVB valve to use as a backflow. Finally for what ever reason he sawed the seat area off the AVB gate valve?????

    This valve puts RB in the Irrigation Hall of Shame.




  5. Ding a ling landscaper knows their was a leak but planted tulips and flowers anyway then calls me. :cry::hammerhead: Poor Henry got stuck with this one. The installer had a fetish for 45s. His glue joint leaked. Somehow in the las pic he managed to 45 twice directly under the sidewalk.:clapping:;)



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    Gee, you think they could have buried that pipe a bit deeper?

    Fittings under hardscape = asinine. Yes, in some cases it can't be avoided, but under a sidewalk -> no excuse.
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    =sidewalk support.
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    Great pics fimco...

    as par the course.
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    ::pours primer on head, gets job selling shoes:::

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