Pine-straw dye service. Let's talk pricing

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by adam.neusbaum, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. adam.neusbaum

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    After doing hundreds of pine straw installs over past 5 months I'm seeing where several of those homes could use some freshening up but not with more mulch 'cause it's still plenty thick. Anyone here offer this service?
    I'm thinking here's my necessary tools to do it.
    1. Wholesale colorant source- Think I've located one.
    2. Backpack sprayer
    3. Good sized foam poster board.

    I'm picturing using the lightweight board to act as a border. With my left hand hold the board tight against the bottom of the house & use the wand in my right to spray. I'll want to stay pretty close to center to prevent any side over-spray.
    What am I missing here?
  2. ToddH

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    The cost of clean up and overspray.

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