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    So, hemming and hawing all winter I decided to buy a new belt driver instead of the cheap cub cadet - Troy built - White Outdoor style mower.

    I just could not part with the money on a hydro rider that I just wasn't all that sure about not too mention 5 more bills for the catcher.

    So, after running a 1984 Scag for several years I bought a mower called a Piranha. Yeah, I know it is also a Bradley - Red Hawk - etc. The thing is: It has a 15 hp. twin cylinder Kawaski -which I like and also comes with the same peerless 5 speed tranny as many others. Being a scag lover I also liked the fact that it is orange.

    I cut around 15 lawns per week and so far I really like the machine.
    It cost 1999.00 (Home and garden show price)

    The only negatives that I see are this: the deck is very strong, but the fit and finish of some of the deck joints could be just a little better. I am not complaining, just telling what I see, also the catcher drags a little more than I would like it too when the terrain is not equal.

    The motor is quiet and the peerless is fast. The deck leaves a nice stripe.

    I grease and sharpen every week too!

    When I add another mower in the future I will probably buy another one.

    If you adjust the handles correctly the pistol grips are not bad on the hands as some people have stated.

    I still love the Scags, but I am trying to make some money here too! Therefore, for me, the Piranha was a no brainer. Thats my story and I am stickin to it!

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