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PITA customers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by exmarkman11, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Just wondering If any of yall get customers that want the yard cut every other week, and around day 10 or so they call to complain that the grass is way to tall. Im like Really?, Sherlock? It has been raining all the time here and perfect spring temperatures. of course its tall. I dont mind cutting lawns every other week, I just dont like people complaining it gets too long, because they are too cheap to pay me for every week. Anyone else have this problem? I would feel better if I wasnt the only one.
  2. Nope, and that is why. EOW isn't that common in my neck of the woods and I refuse to take on anyone who wants it.
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  3. Yes, I know some people refuse to do EOW, but around here its about half my business. Its not just me, all the Lcos have to put up with it if they want to make money around here. You do live in Florida, its a different world down there.
  4. where in Florida are you from, My grandparents live in Stuart. Stuart, West Palm, and the surrounding areas are all beautiful
  5. What a small world I live in Jupiter....trust me there are a lot of middle income neighborhoods where people would maybe want eow, but there are a lot of very wealthy areas too
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  6. Jupiter, its only one of the riches islands in the world. Rich people everywhere. Tiger woods, even bill gates owns a shack down there, but he probably owns 20 houses lol
  7. You forgot Celine dion, Alan Jackson, etc. But, that island only makes up a small percent of residents in the whole county. Although, we have palm beach island too...
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  8. You forgot Celine dion, Alan Jackson, etc. But, that island only makes up a small percent of residents in the whole county. Although, we have palm beach island too...
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  9. ShooterK2

    ShooterK2 LawnSite Senior Member
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    This is my third year in business. I've always taken weekly, bi-weekly, and call-when-it-needs-cut customers. Up until this year, that is. This year, I'm trimming the fat. I'm getting rid of all the yards that don't pay well, that complain, that want cut only when they think it needs it, etc. Basically, all the pain-in-the-butt customers. The business around here is as busy as I want it to be, so I really have no reason to keep them anyway.

    I had one yard that was small, in a nice neighborhood, and paid well. But they didn't want to be on a schedule, just call when it needs it. And the guy, as soon as he heard the mower running, would come out and give a different set of instructions each week. "This week, take it down a notch and bag the back" or "trim inside those bricks in the flower beds" as if it was somehow my fault that his yard was the only one on the block that was full of weeds. And he complained about my price for weeding the first year, so I refused to do it for him after that. This year, I have let it go completely, and it's such a relief.

    With that being said, I don't mind bi-weekly cuts. It's pretty common here, and as long as it's a lawn that permits it, I'll do that with no problem. I just stagger them so I still have the same amount of total yards each week, even though some are weekly and some are bi-weekly. But I do not like the ones that call and expect me to drop everything and race full-throttle to their house to cut their precious grass. That ends now for this guy. :)
  10. That is the big difference b/t here and other parts of the country when it comes to EOW. Our EOW yards have no irrigation, no fert, have tons of weeds, and look like crap. The customers dont care as long as its cut. I don't do them, bc i dont want my truck and trailer to be seen at those accounts.

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