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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by WEEDEATER, May 11, 2004.


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    I have a customer that has plastic edging that is broken, cracked, and lifted out of the ground in spots. They would like the egding replaced. Would you guys suggest pulling the stones in the bed back 8" or so, and dig and pull the old stuff out. Use a bed edger to redefine the bed, and install the new edging.

    What would you charge for 300 linear ft. @ $35 hr


    WEEDEATER LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the input
  3. stslawncare

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    to install black edging charge about $1.50 a foot.
  4. Turfdude

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    $2/lf! That's what we charge costs about $12 for a 20'section w/ 4 stakes - I always advise using extra spikes up to 6 per 20' section

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