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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. We have only a handful of poly plowed systems in my area and this is a repair we had with a leak....just wanted to show how a typical poly plowed system was installed in my area..:confused:

    This system was no deeper than 3" and the tree roots had grown around the pipe. :nono:

    When we started cutting the roots away, we found the wires encased by the tree roots and ended up cutting the wires before we realized it....
    We dont carry any poly pipe and it is only sold in 100ft rolls, so this was the best we could come up with..a poly to pvc conversion...

    And thanks Rotar for the tip of heating the poly with the torch...:clapping:
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    Root pushing on the pipe, causing a split?
  3. Actually we did a repair here a few years back when the homeowner had his yard aerated and ended up with a hole in the pipe from the aeration . At that time we used a poly pipe coupling for the repair, then as the tree roots grew they pushed the coupling apart and it was dripping...this is when we decided that the tree root must go....:cry:
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    The universal fix :laugh:

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    Didn't your momma teach you to always reverse your clamps. There is no point in double clamping with gear drives if you have them going the same way.

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    Heck, for non-pressurized-24/7 pipe, even a single worm-gear clamp is overkill. But two is good insurance, and the customer pays the premium.
  7. Thanks for the tip.....
  8. Interesting knee pads. I can tell by the angle you throw a mean screwdriver. When I have a customer trying to watch me work I take my big cleanout screwdriver and do a quick hard toss that buries it half into the ground. Has a way of silencing and scaring people away.
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    That is what they sometimes wrap new Kayaks in when they arrive at the local outfitter. That one is a 4 piece square. Doubled over its quite comfortable. I wish we had one that was twice as long with one more square on the width. 3 by 8. Would help a lot on the dreaded belly-down in mud occasions.
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    Are you Londons partner?


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