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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bicmudpuppy, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. bicmudpuppy

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    Hey all you mud slingers. Long time no see. Yes, we relocated......again. The new golf course last year got me back into the industry. I went to play hero and save a course in financial distress. The long and short of that would be that they had even less money than they talked about and I don't expect them to survive. They failed to make operating expenses mid year and couldn't make payroll in November. I survived (most of us in this business have off season skill that come in real handy from time to time.) waiting for this job to come through (looked at some others, but had my hat set on this one early on). I have a full sized (18 vs 9 hole) course with labor and a workable budget. Remember all those "out house" comments when I posted pics of my pump house? Well, I'll get some pics of the new pump house. I expect bomb shelter/bunker comments this time :) !!! Twin 50 hp vfd pumps with a small sustain pump. Solid state watertronics controller, etc. They cut corners and didn't install the modems and software to provide pump monitoring in my office at the computer. Life is hell..........
    They also paired a lot of valve in heads and some of them are paired on single station wires. They cut costs by pairing instead of adding the boards. My eleven satellites are 48 and 56 stations instead of 64 stations.
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    Welcome back, welcome back.
  3. Whooaaaaa.....welcome back as well. Everybody needs to know this man can cook.
  4. bicmudpuppy

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    Left my smoker in KS. Donated it to the youth ministry. It was on it's last legs. Any suggestions for a new unit? The grill at Lowe's w/ the add on fire box and propane burner is tempting (and nicely priced). The old pit master cost me under 200 bucks and has lasted over 7 years. Sam's has a nice unit for a lot more, it is heavier etc. almost double the cost of other small smokers, is it worth it? Besides, heavier means harder to haul if I want to take it to the shop or a party. (My smoker gets invited to parties, I get to tag along and cook :) )
  5. Well this is what I use. Best smoker I've ever had. Like a heavy metal Hasty Bake. Weighs 600 lbs. Want that metal for heat retention. Has a top grill and bottom smoker. Since the smoke and heat go straight up the cooking heat is more even. Not sure that is what you are looking for though. We just finished beef ribs and are cooking deer sausage.



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    Welcome back Bryan!
  7. bicmudpuppy

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    That is a nice looking setup, but I really like indirect heat (side fire box). I may lean toward the Lowe's or Walmart cheap smoker for the short term and build something custom this winter (I've got a REAL shop that is completely outfitted and I always wanted to learn to weld properly).

    And thanks, Jon! It is good to be back. When I get the internet turned back on to the office computer I will be truly happy............
    Hey, on that note, your a computer type. Any suggestions on smart phones? I'm going to add a line and get a smart phone sometime in the near future. What I have says I can run my irrigation computer through the internet via smartphone using a program like Pc-anywhere. My son is working with me (and getting paid this time) and he shot his first pay check on an HTC-Touch. He likes it, but I'm not sure it is what I want.
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    So what time is dinner ready?
  9. I'll cook you a brisket as a wedding present and house warming gift John:)
  10. EagleLandscape

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