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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by 1999frontier, Apr 15, 2009.

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    Oh that will fill in for sure! Hit is with an aerator, some water, and quality fertilizer and by the end of the summer it will be filled in! What variety of bermuda do you have! I am hoping my back yard will fill in by the end of the summer and mines is 100 times worse than that! I will post pictures. I am sure i can make it fill in in atleast 2 years hopefully one but that is wishful thinking! Your lucky though i don't see all that many weeds in your turf. So that will make things alot easier!
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    Thanks for the encouragement! I don't know what kind of sod. I bought a bunch of pallets from SuperSod of SC...I didn't even think to ask, and probably at the time I didn't know there were different types of Bermuda.
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    a few pics so critique all u want.



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    and some more





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    and a few mo





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    and a few more




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    dark brown spots are dormant spots and light brown spots are where I went haywire with the trimec plus herbicide. Like they say it really is a hot mix and u only need to mist the weed to kill it but I was hardheaded. Current following dave and engineer program and had started gradually bringing down mower. currently cutting with walker mower on level 3 until im ready to topdress and I just hit it with scotts super turbuilder 32-0-5. flowerbed is my version of augusta national clubhouse pic that I was inspired upon.
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    That looks good Tbet, that will green up in short order and once you topdress it will look even better.

    I liked how you blended that fire hydrant in with the yellow flowers!
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    I am a Golf Course Superintendent and last yr I seeded my yard with Riveria bermuda. Right now you can't see the bermuda, I will be killing the Rye when the rain stops. In about another month I will show yall my yard. I will using the most expensive fertilizer that you can buy. I will be going out at a total of 5lbs of the product and we will see what it will look like. If the product holds up to it name I will let yall know.
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    Sounds good Super...sounds like we got a little competition going on! I like it. I'm a cheap skate so I buy only the crap are competing with a red neck with a reel mower!

    I pulled my soil sample cores this morning so I will take them to JDL on Monday and hopefully have them back on Friday.
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