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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Aug 2, 2007.

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    since the pergola is NOT visable from the backside we ran the wire up the backside of the center pillar and installed a J box on the backside of it. There are 2 transformers behind some bushes behind the pergola back to back on a 4x8 post. One is upb controlled and the other controlled by a unique sequencer.

    Its wired in a hub still altho some leads are shorter than others all fixtures came out to be within .3v of eachother (I checked all 5 out of curiosity) The hub for the pergola downlights are in the white j box and there is another hub just behind it for 5 uplit ligustrums to provide the backdrop.

    Burt and I spent about 2 hours using 1 hole zip ties and tucked the wire up as close as we could. Your right. The wire is there against the beam and header boards. We kept the wires as tight as we could against the top and when it dries and warms up a tad I will return to paint and patch as needed to make it look perfect.

    This is a rework and if you look in the bottom pic you can see where he had the old lights and they were pointing out about 45 degrees with 50w bulbs running at 7v more or less.

    If you dont have a place to hide the wire like I did you can get inside the hollow pillars and using bailing twine and a small fishing wieght drop the twine down and drill a hole near the bottom and pull it out with a hook then tape your wire to it and pull up. Sometimes it requires you to install a J box over your hole and sometimes you can patch it up. This is my 3rd structural install where I reworked someone elsed work. Alot of times just making the wires less visable and tight and clean is plenty to please the crowds.
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    Those pillars look to be about 6' apart. I would have created a T at the middle column, and would have expected no less than .4v drop between the middle and the end column. I think this method would have been much more easy to install, and you could have possibly run the single wire on top of the header board? I don't question your installation method, I'm only offering my input for contemplation.
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    I didnt want the splices exposed. I didnt use a hub for the voltage drop equality of it. The 16ga leads were able to be straightened out and pulled snug to the headers and stacked for a very clean install. once I paint it I really doubt anyone would notice it if they didnt know where it was. We were tempted to fish the wire inside the pillars but it just wasnt feesible on this particular install nor worth it. The old wire was just hanging from the beam to the ground about a foot away from the closest pillar then tied in a knot and wirenutted

    I did not want to see inline splices or even the bulge of ace connectors. I was unhappy enough with seening double shrinkboots for the leads. Not sure when Kichler will get with the program and offer a 25 ft lead spliced directly to the socket. I guess the short leads and quick discs promote the type of work I tore out of here. Daisychains and loops with 300w on a 12ga wire (and no not at 24v nate)

    I personally vote for Kichler to get rid of quick discs and use the money saved to put it twoards REAL leads on a fixture. Thats been my main gripe with their line up besides the george foreman transformers we seem to have run into. The transformers seem to be an isolated bunch tho that ran REALLY hot
  4. Chris J

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    Either way, the job looks great. Way to go Billy!
  5. niteliters

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    Billy, I am pleased with your progress in design. Onward and upward my friend.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    thanks Chris and Chris. I still find myself second guessing myself in new elements but often times I find if I do part of the job in 1 day then add elements or readjust that evening it comes out all the more pleasant. I am going to try something totally new to me on that same project and will post my findings.

    As a designer I guess i am by biggest critic. I never stop looking for better and cleaner ways to do things. Drives Ash nuts
  7. NightScenes

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    Way to go Billy!!
  8. SamIV

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    I told you it would look great. Billy's designs have grown to the point where he does not require my or anyone else's input. Just needs to belive more in his gift. He is just where he needs to be. Other designers might have a different approach, but this does not detract from your ability.

    Accent Outdoor Lighting
  9. NightScenes

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    Good to see you Bert!!
  10. Pro-Scapes

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    I knew it would look good. The one I finished today looks pretty darn good too considering the budget and the lack of ideal locations for fixtures.

    As someone who is constantly striving for more I think its natural to ask for others input especially when they have years of experience on you.

    Appreciate your help on the install Burt. I am finally caught up!

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