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  1. klkanders

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    Going to the print shop tomorrow and having post cards made up to send to past customers announcing landscape lighting as an added new service.

    I have gotten alot of good ideas from all of you and have used some of them in designing the card. Gonna try and make it stick out as much as possible so it doesn't get tossed with the junk mail.

    It will be interesting to just see how many inquiries I get back.

    :walking: Later
  2. NightScenes

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    Good luck!! I pray that you do very well!!
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    I just had my graphics girl make me some for direct mailing. Going to order them from vista print monday. She needs to just make some final touches and change some of the text.

    I think its much nicer to have your own pieces than a manufactures piece with your card attached. The cast post cards are VERY nice and pretty reasonably priced but I still like the idea of havign my own company propaganda to distributue.

    Ordered some yard signs from I have used them before with excellent results on both quality and price. Vista print for all paper printed materials
  4. steveparrott

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    Keep in mind that the customer may need multiple personal contacts before they buy to progress them along the stages.

    Marketers think in terms of these progressive stages:

    1. They recognize a want or need for the service

    2. They see you offer the service.

    3. They perceive you as a good choice for the service

    4. They are moved to contact you for the service

    The first stage may require some education or illustration so they are clear about the benefits. Hence the need for great photos and bullet points in your card(s).

    The second stage is all about associating your brand with the service. Sometimes they miss this with the first card -- follow-up cards, phone calls, etc. a necessity.

    The third stage is about establishing your credibility and skill in the service through intelligent converstaion, testimonials, etc.

    The fourth stage may involve an incentive such as a free demo.

    In summary, we shouldn't ever expect high returns on a single mailing piece. The most effective strategies involve multiple contacts with the aim to move prospects along the stages.
  5. NC_Irrigator

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    Ive been sending mass mailings (custom printed postcards like that) every spring and my company has had little success. Id say like 10% or so respond. But trust me, I wasnt discouraged at all! It is good to get your name out there. And every new customer repair customer you get puts bread on your table.
  6. mak2

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    Isnt 10% pretty successful? Perhaps wildly successful? I would be estatic and doing it several time a year.
  7. NC_Irrigator

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    well to me, if i sent out 100 postcards, and all the time and effort into it and only 10 people called, its not a big turn out, it would be great if like half replied
  8. NightScenes

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    Direct mail usually returns 1%. 3% is considered great!! If you are getting 10%, I want to know your secret and I suggest you write a book because you are doing outstanding!!
  9. NC_Irrigator

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    i think its because i live in a small town around 55k and everyone knows everyone kind of deal.
  10. Pro-Scapes

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    I can only dream about getting 10% call rate on my cards. Are you mass mailing to just everyone or are you buying targeted lists ?

    how many of that 10% are turning into sales for you ?

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