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Power Chute design OCDC Review with Customer Service info.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by gravelyman50, May 25, 2014.

  1. gravelyman50

    gravelyman50 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 190

    I just purchased the power chute from Norm last week and was skeptical after reading some very good reviews and some not so good reviews about motor failure. I had to do something so I went with the power chute. When I was installing it on my gravely pro turn 260, there were a few minor thing that I did notice. The hole to put the pin through was not drilled out large enough and I had to use a larger drill bit just to install the pin through it. Next, I realized that the bracket was rubbing on some OEM weld on the x factor deck and not allowing it to sit totally flat on my deck, so I had to do some grinding on it just to make It sit flat on the deck. I bolted it to the deck and wired it all up and tried it out. I was impressed how quickly it opened and closed, but was kinda disappointed that it did not want to close all the way OR totally open up all the way..

    The disadvantage to it not totally closing all the way is that you get a ton of blowout on the right front of the deck and even though the discharge is blocked, the amount of grass that blows out from under the deck was pretty disappointing. It worked great when mowing next to cars or fences or mulch beds. It helped out a lot in this case.

    Another thing I was kinda disappointed in was that when the chute is closed, it really does not mulch the clippings, it simply blocks them from coming out of the chute, and if you are mowing long grass it builds up makes a ridge of grass on the right hand side of the deck about 2" tall that obviously cant be left like that. I kind of expected this to happen but the whole idea of the block off plate is to save time and if you have to go back over and spread out the ridge of grass it just left behind than you really not saving time, you could just be using that time to blow the clippings off whatever you wernt tring to get them on, make sense?

    And lastly, I was mowing on Friday afternoon and all of a sudden the thing quit working. When I press on the pedal to lift the chute, all I hear is a winding noise but it doesn't lift it. I have a bad feeling that It already went through a motor and there is no way I am going to be dealing with replacing motors every week on this thing.

    I was really starting to like it and I am going to contact Norm on Tuesday morning to see what he is going to do for me. In my opinion the motors should last at least a few years for the money I paid for this power chute (390.00) shipped to my door. I will keep all of you guys posted on what happens. Thanks for reading.
    Last edited: May 25, 2014
  2. JDGlandscape

    JDGlandscape LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 506

    Thanks for the review, I am seriously looking into one of these for my gravely 460. Let us know if the motor is gone or not
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  3. knox gsl

    knox gsl LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 5,053

    My motor went out last week with 320 hours on it.
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  4. gravelyman50

    gravelyman50 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 190

    Well I got ahold of Norm today and told him how my powerchute quit working just after one week. I told him I can hear the motor "winding" but it doesn't lift the chute any more. He said the motor "took a impact or was struck or hit with something". He said all the motors are factory tested before they are sent out.

    He said he is going to send me out another motor at no charge so I guess I will try it again.

    I am the only one operating my mower and I operate the thing very delicately, most of you would probably laught cause I am very graceful and do not beat my stuff up. I can tell you that nothing struck the motor or hit and motor in any way. I operated the unit as it was intended at the motor last me a week. Maybe it was just a lemon motor, but to jump to conclusions that it was my fault that the motor was hit by something I think wasn't the best way to approach it but we will see how the new motor works out for me. I will keep you guys updated. thanks.
  5. katoom

    katoom LawnSite Member
    Posts: 7

    ive been running them on exmarks for 2 years with only one switch failure'
  6. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 12,350

    Then you don't understand the purpose of a chute blocker. They are not designed or advertised as turning a non-mulching deck into a mulching deck.

    They are designed to close off the discharge to prevent grass being blown into beds, cars, windows etc.
  7. gravelyman50

    gravelyman50 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 190

    I totally understand what they are designed for, that's why I bought one. I did say, I guess I should have worded it differently. I don't expect the thing to mulch the grass, maybe what I expected was less clippings to come out from under the deck... It blockes them from the chute from coming out but now they come out from under the deck. If I am 3 feet away from a sidewalk the blowout from the right from corner of the deck still sends clippings onto the sidewalk 3 feet away, but the difference is they are not being blasted with high velocity and there is about half the amount.
  8. caseysmowing

    caseysmowing LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,921

    Same experiences as the op but after some mods and another motor it's been flawless. Can't mow mow without one.
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  9. stonny9

    stonny9 LawnSite Member
    Posts: 247

    I have one on my Snapper Pro 36" for about 6 months and 15 hrs with OEM blades. It does the same thing with a line of grass when closed and a big clump when you open it back up. I was gonna do a review but never got around to it. I would describe mine as universal fitting. The cover plate sticks forward of the discharge opening about 3" when closed just waiting to snag something. Eventually I will bend it to curve with the deck. I had to put a 1/4" plate of steel to raise it to sit flush with the bottom of the deck. You have to drill your own holes for the mount and in that process it moved slightly and I am reminded of it every time but it doesn't affect performance. I installed a toggle switch to turn it off in case something unknowling falls onto the pedal when not in use. The cover should be redesigned to sit flush or recessed when opened. Lastly the arm kinda rubs the motor. I tried rearranging the arm and plate but couldn't get it aligned.

    In the end I like the ease of use and it works as intended. Next blades I get are mulching and maybe a mulch kit.
  10. gl1200a

    gl1200a LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 518

    Well Stonny9 Power Chutes are only made to fit 48" and larger decks so the unit is going to look like a size 12 shoe on a 8 yr old boy. The problem with bending the rear of the Power Chute is when it is open the curve will stick straight out sideways. Also all grass discharges a mower deck at the very front. There's no blowout.

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