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  1. tryz

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    i was thinking of using a pre-emergant this spring, and was wondering can you aplly to turf with fert at the same time? I'm using a liquid fert. If so want do you use? I need it to be liquid form.

  2. TSM

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    troy, you can get any preemergent in liquid. talk to your dealer.

    yes, put it into the tank along with your fert and add broadleaf weed control as well if you like and insect control as well if you like. The nice thing about liquid applications, you can add all sorts of products into a tank and just walk the lawn one time.

    to be absolutely sure your products will mix, just do a jar test.
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    Depending on your location, you might want to consider putting down a second app. in May. Also depends on type and rate of pre-emergant.

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