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  1. hey there everyone. i did some landscaping at my house about a month ago. most of the plants are fine. however last week i had to replace 1 weeping cherry tree. i put the new one in last week, or the week before. now already this new one is dying. the plants were both sitting at the nursery for a year. so i got a good price on them. where i put them there used to be a big taxus that i ripped out. the soil is very clayish. any ideas as to what i can do for this problem? the plants all have a 1 year warranty on them. however i dont want to have to constantly replace plants at my home. thank you for any help you can provide me with. oh yes, the plants looked in descent shape at the nursery. however i believe that at the nursery they were in the shade for most of the time. i brought them home and now they are in about 3/4 sun, or a bit less. any ideas? thanx
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    Had the same problem at home. Put in a beautiful weeping cherry and it looked great for a few weeks, then overnight, it was dead. No kidding, it was literally overnight from beautiful to dead. I talked with the nursery about it and they told me to see if there were small holes in the trunk right above the soil line.
    Went back and looked and sure enough, there were the holes.
    Apparently there are boaring insects that love these trees.
    So, I chose other plant material.
  3. well, bill i followed your advice and checked out the soil line. only holes there are lenticels. however i did notice some crawly things moving around down by the base of the tree. also, i noticed that the leaves are being eaten up by a chewing insect. it seems to be a bit early for the jap beetles to be coming out now, right? well anways, if you guys have any insects that come to mind, please drop me a line.
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    Is there any particular reason you want to plant a weeping cherry tree, as opposed to anouther variety ?

    Jim L

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    I did a job a few years ago with a weeping cherry up in Rockland county NY ( know that s not that close to Westchester ) But IT too this year had a really bad insect problem with beetles , lots of beetles. But I have put in a half dozen or so this year in NJ and have not yet seen any Beetles here. Let me know if you hear of anything , infestations or what not that are headed into our areas. Thanks..
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    Im in central jersey and a week ago I treated a weeping cherry that had more beetles leaves. Infestation was so bad the tree couldnt be pruned at the time. The linden and sand cherrys were also getting whacked pretty good. Get ready for a major grub year because this was by far the worst Id ever seen beetles on plant material in 15 years.


    PS Forget calendars this year as the timing of mother nature seems to be totally whacked out. Have found hatched grubs already in my own lawn and usually dont see them start to appear before late august.
  7. thanx for the advice. i think i might go tonight and get some diazanon and spray tomorow. i put in the weeping cherry because i like the look, and it fits well into the alotted area.
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    Be very careful when spraying organophospates, Diazanon and Dursban in particular.

    These chemicals tend to have a high degree of phototoxicity, I would advise spraying when the high temps are under 75 degrees and in the morning.
    Anouther thing to consider is that Diazinon is a contact insecticide and will have no effect on borers, or bark beetles, that have allready established themselves beneith the bark layer.

    I would recomend a Merit soil drench, add a little fertilizer to increase uptake. I believe you will be much happier with the results.

    Jim L

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    What exactly do you mean by Merit soil drench ??
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    Buy some Merit and drench the soil around the tree.

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