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  1. longball07

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    So I thought that since I put in sprinklers for two summers during college that I would be able to install my own system. I have a really small yard and this is my problem. One zone has 8 sprays and the sprays come up and spray and water what they are suppose to but it could be better. My big problem is I have one zone that has six 3500 series head with number 3 nozzle in them. I am using a JTV-100 valve and at 40 PSI and was getting 3 GPM. The six heads come up about 1/3 way out of the ground and just spit water straight in the air. HELP!
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    3GPM (i can pee 3gpm)?? What are you connected to? The spigot? Your 6 3500's with #3.0 need 18GPM not 3
  3. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    brothaman, sounds like you overloaded those zones..

    did you test your flow before you installed the system?
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    I tested the PSI is all, which was 80. Coming into the crawl space from the water company is a 3/4 poly, goes into a shutoff and then into 3/4 pex pipe (not sure if that is 3/4 OD or ID), I tee of of that into 1" galvanized out to the vacuum breaker. I thought for sure with 80 PSI on the side of the house I would get at least around 18 GPM, can you think of why I would get 80 PSI and only 3 GPM?
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    Dude PSI and GPM are 2 different animals...

    If I was to go on 1 for the rest of my irrigation life it would be GPM...
    PSI just is not enough to spec a system on....I mean this in the nicest way....

    Your f#$%^

    sorry man
  6. longball07

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    Well I can get away with 15 radius of spray feet, so going to the .75 nozzle might fix the problem, what do you think? That would be .75 nozzle in the 4 90's and 1 nozzle in the 2 180's. That would mean 3.6 GPM total for all 6 heads. What does everyone think?
  7. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    nozzle down
    buy some valves
    rip everything else out and use MP rotARS
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  9. DanaMac

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    Try it and find out. Next time, do your homework first. Sorry if we are all bashing you, but it's the same crap we fight with customers about. They or someone else installed the system and they want us to perform magic for $10.
  10. longball07

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    Oh trust me I am bashing my self. Me and a buddy who put sprinklers in with me those two summers thought we go pull this off. I wish I could go back and spend the extra money and have a pro do it. I am not smart! Its probably going to cost me more money anyway, cuz when push comes to shove I will have to get someone in here to fix all the **** I did and it will probably cost as much as it would have to have them put the whole thing in from the start.

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