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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mac43rn, Sep 2, 2002.

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    I have three areas in my lawn that needs to have the sod removed.

    1. The telephone company had to fix a line that ran through my lawn this past February. The removed the sod and when they put the sod back they exepected the area to settle. It did settle, but not nearly enough. It sits up probably six inches and needs to be removed. Do I just remove the sod, remove the soil and then lay the sod again?

    2. This time the electrial company had to dig in my yard. This happened just over a month ago and it looks like hell. It is approx. 20 sq foot area and I plan on removing the old sod and replacing it with new sod. Any special techniques. Do I need to till the soil after I have removed the old sod?

    3. Last september I had an irrigation system installed and there is one area, probalby about 10 sq foot area that has settled lower then the rest of the lawn. The grass growing there is perfect. Do I just remove the sod, add topsoil and then replace with the old sod?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. On your question 1 & 2, if the electrical company came and tore up your lawn, did not leave it satifactory, get the company at their expence to repair the area to your satisfaction. Unless this area of yours is a public easment, they should return it to as was before they dug.

    On the third question, depending how much settling you have and you have the time, just add no more than 1/2 inche of soil at a time. Once you get good growth, you can add more.
  3. Don't expect them to come back out.

    Rent a sod cutter, take the extra dirt out then relay the sod.

    Shouldn't take to long and it will be done to your expectations.

    If you want try and submit a bill to them, if you get paid file that under lucky.
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    so what you are saying on question number 3, is not even bother with removing the sod and just add a 1/2 inch of top soil?

  5. Yes that's what I'm saying, but it is a slow process. Can't do to much at a time because you smother. Just how fast do you need it done? if time is not an issue, do it this way. if it doesn't work out for you or not satisfied, just reseed when it's a proper time in your area.
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    you are from the bay area so i do not know who your elect. co. is, but down here they must do the repair to property owners satifaction,public easment- to the city,county, state satifaction
  7. Bill, that's what I stated in my first original post. However, trying to get them to do a satisfactory job when it wasn't done in the first place is another set of problems. Unless you can get cityhall involved, they don't do anything.

    A majority (98%) of homes were built before cable companies ever came into our area. The electric and phone companies are very good about repair jobs. The cable company is a different story.


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