Protecting Glue From The Heat?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MEXANDME, Jul 14, 2012.

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    I have missed them on several jobs by a few days.And the superintendent will tell me to watch my P and Q
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    Constuction site inspections. Makes more sense now. Silly me. :hammerhead:
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    I have heard of guys mixing primer into glue to thin it but have never thought of doing it myself.
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    Oddly, his was thinner than normal already

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    Yes....mine appeared to be thinner; not thicker.

    Maybe just my imagination.....maybe the heat was getting to me too!

    Thanks for everyone's feedback.:dizzy:


  6. Store your glue upside down. It will last longer and you'll get fewer fumes.
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    Hows that work?
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    The best way to protect glue fro heat is leave it on the supply house shelves and buy a bag of crimp clamps and a roll of poly instead.
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  9. The glue seals off the cap area from air and the fumes can't escape through the bottom of the can. It also makes contractors clean all the gunked glue around the cap area off so the cap can get put back on properly and tight. Even then fumes can still escape throught the cap. A good way to test this is to buy two small cans of glue. Open them both up then reclose. Store one upside down and the other right next to it right side up. Check them in about two months.
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    i have had the glue turn to rubber from heat, and age too. that is why i buy smaller containers for repair, and larger ones for the install when we get them.

    i have once pushed the limits of glue,and came back to fix it. glue is cheap compared to the time to re do something from failure. good call to replace it.

    what to do though? take it out of the vehicle when not in use. speaking of that, i left mine in the van! doh

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