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  1. The fill is at the bottom left. The pump is about 30' from it inside the building


    The fill. i took the copper tube out so as to not impede the fill in any way.


    Not a great pic but looking up from the bottom


    On the other side of that upper walkway is this fountain


    Here it is from the front of the building. The piping circulates through the building . Dumps into the upper fountain and tees off to the waterfall above the three ponds. The fountain overflow adds to the waterfall water.


    Beau watching a 1000 8-9" trout being dumped into my little fishing reservoir.


    What kind of fish is this?

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    All of the Technical explanations aside, if your auto-fill is running 24/7, either the auto-fill valve itself is faulty or you have a leak(s). Evaporation would account for part of the loss, but not all of it. The highest pan evap rate for the country last week was somewhere in NW Texas at .93 in. The greatest part of the CONUS had rates of .25 - .30 in. per day.
    Are these pools and fountains lined or concrete? If concrete you may have several small leaks.
    Just a little input from an old Pond and Fountain codger.
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    Are those numbers evaporation or ET?
  4. Thanks for weighing in Tadpole

    They are lined. (Except for the upper one. It's concrete) If I turn the pump off none of the ponds seems to lose water except at the rate of evaporation. It's only when the pump is kicked on that the fill runs 24/7. I assumed that the leakage if there is any would have to be in the pump piping or in one of the areas where it only goes when the pump is running. (waterfall, chase).

    I eliminated the piping because it runs through the building and if it had a leak it would be coming through the ceiling tile. The pipe is 4" and is in the same basin as the auto fill. The pump runs at 20psi. It is never shut off.

    I removed all the stones over the one chase and inspected the lining thoroughly and could find nothing. It is a pretty thick quality lining. I investigated the waterfall and once again found nothing obvious. The water here is so cheap the assoc. doesn't care. It just bothers me to have something running 24/7.
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    Not to be picky, but I very much suspect that running that pond plumbing through the building is a code violation. If the pump has to be protected from freezing, you'd employ a hot box, or equivalent.
  6. We shut it down in the winter.

    This place was a hospital built in 1903 converted to condominiums that summer people and a few hardy folks live in. It is actually on the Dept of Int national historic building list. Has a plaque by the front door. The old steam boiler with the tall red chimney still exists. Has a coal chute. Building codes are not highly enforced here or written. Fire Dept seem to be the only people in town that take their job seriously.

    It is interesting to study a building built when concrete was expensive. They cut huge stone blocks from a local quarry.
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    Those are Pan Evap rates.


    Leaks are rarely in the liner. Usually they are in the Waterfall or stream (chase) areas. It can be as simple as one rock being placed wrong and water is diverted by the rock over the edge of the liner. The larger (gpm) the pump, the greater the chance of occurrence. Although water loss may not be a concern, leaks of this type have a tendency to get worse over time.
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    Looks to me to be a perch.

    We're stocking 1000 7"-9" perch in our lake next spring.
  9. I thought it might be a walleye. Maybe I didn't catch my first walleye.

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    What's laying on the ground there is a lake perch. Good pan fish and good eatin too. Nothing wrong with perch. :clapping:

    Sorry, but that's not a walleye.

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