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Push mowers are good for something

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by S man, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. S man

    S man LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,562

    I have a cheap little snapper self propelled that I got in spring and had a big lawn today. It was an account that I had before the storm. Well now it looks like crap from his son's beer bottles the very high st. aug I'm talking high! Well I put the side shute on and started cutting. I hit a drum trap. Oops! I start it and it runs fine. So I tackle this lawn that I thought would take all day but it took just as long as I would usally. The only thing is that I have to egde and clean up tomorrow. :)
  2. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,036

    I am amazed that all the lawns aren't dead from the salt from the storm surge.
  3. ToroLandscaper

    ToroLandscaper LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,177

    So whats your point i dont get it lol?? Also in your signature may i correct you......your snapper IS NOT a walkbehind put a simple puch mower.....We do the things that you are braggin about everyday
  4. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 21,653

    Out of all the things, dead cats still bug me the worst, right next to snakes on the list of things make me go brrrr... Don't rightly understand it but I done had a slew of dead cats this past year (really only 3 of them, but that's more than I've ever encountered before).
    Beer bottles the only thing bugs me is when I don't see them / can't stop in time and the blades break the bottle into pieces of glass, THAT I hate and also I don't mind the odd bottle but I can't deal with whole six packs (or worse) in someone's yard, something wrong with that, dunno...
  5. S man

    S man LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,562

    I'm just saying that a snapper push mower is good for very high st. aug. duh.
    And I thought it is a walk behind because I'm not walking in front of it. It pulls itself.
  6. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,036

    st. augustine is one of the easiest grasses to cut. I assure you. wait until you get some yards with bahia.... you would be there two days with the snapper on bahia. it is like cutting through bamboo canes.
  7. S man

    S man LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,562

    Yes but it is very thick and make a mess to clean up after.
  8. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,036

    yessss. welcome to our world :)
  9. South Florida Lawns

    South Florida Lawns LawnSite Platinum Member
    from usa
    Posts: 4,785

    It gets out of hand real fast and can be a big pain. If you let St. Augustine grow too tall it will make most mowers look weak. Forget mulching it you will only make clumps and get missed strands everywhere. The trick is tons of hp and sharp azz blades.
  10. TClawn

    TClawn LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,036

    I know, believe me. usually, I double cut st. augustine unless I mow it every week (you can even mulch it). I call the stringers "lucky boys" :) the trick, is to not let it get to the point where you are scalping. unavoidable sometimes, but st.augustine is still a picnic to most of the grasses I mow. the only grass that is easier to cut is bermuda.

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