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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by chimmygew, Sep 29, 2004.

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    OK, I sprayed a yard 2 1/2 weeks ago with MSMA to take care of this guys crabgrass (about 35-40% of his yard). About 6500 sq. ft. total is his property. Before I did it, I put down 29-3-4 fertilizer with iron. This was on Tuesday an it was supposed to rain on Thursday for 2 days. It didn't and hasn't rained for 3 weeks now. He has a lot of turf burn. I sprayed as directed on the label. My question to you guys is, is there anything I can do to reverse this? I have my license and this is my first year spraying. I did tell him to wait till spring and he wanted it done. Any advice is very much appreciated.
  2. what was the air temp when you made the treatment, and what was the high temp for that day?
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    About 75 during app. Hi was 80.
  4. Well,

    The burn damage probably wont come back. If its possible, can you put up some pics?

    Does this lawn have any irrigation, was the lawn feeling any drought stress when you made the application? How many treatments have you performed on this lawn, so far this year. If you seed this guys lawn, will he make the effort to keep it watered, and take care of his seedlings?

    The label should say how soon you can seed after a treatment, I would get ready to do that.

    As far as waiting until spring, well it depends on the weather but we are quickly running out of growing time. Things are getting chilly at night up here in Michigan...
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    applying the fertilizer was a good thing but not making sure of getting water is a bad one. I always warn of potential burn. If it is dry I tell the customer to water deep the day before and then water the next day as well.

    I know this is after the fact but a better choice might have been drive 75 with MSO. Maybe this is a thought for next time.
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    29-3-4 wow thats big N for me at this time of year. I am doing 18-8-18 and its 45% SCU. How much of that Nitrogen was coated?
    The only thing I can say is to water the lawn alot. I'd be heavier on the K and light on the N at this time of year, youu want the roots to grow not the tops. Good Luck.
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    This was the first application I had done for him. No irrigation and lawn was a little stressed, but not very bad. I was banking on the rain over the next couple of days after the application. Weather Channel said 75% chance for 2 days in a row. WRONG. Is K better than N this time of year? When I took my classes at Purdue, they told us to put down a pound of N per 1000 sq. ft. in Sept. So reseeding is the best option now. That was what I was afraid of. That is what I get for trusting the weatherman. Also my fault though for not having customer water lawn. At least my learning experience came on a small lawn. With as dry as it has been here, Is it better to seed ASAP or wait till spring? Temp. is getting down to 41 degrees tonight.
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    On the seeding question, check the label for MSMA ( I don't use it so I don't have a label) to see what the interval is before seeding.
    I think you probably know this but seed to soil contact is the cure for getting grass to grow but there has to be adequate water.
    If the MSMA label says that you can seed now then seeding willl still be effective. Lawns don't really go dormant until there have been a few hard freezes. You should be ok with the seeding now unless a Canadian hurricane blows thru.
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    Thanks for the help and advice everyone..

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