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  1. I have a very good customer that has a corridor area of plants. Lots of different root zones. In hindsight a french drain should have been run through here to provide better drainage. If we water deep and infrequently to benefit the shrubs we lose the mondo. I've taken moisture readings and the top 3-4 inches gets dry long before the deeper soils. I suggested to her we abandon deep, infrequent, watering and just do a daily light watering for the mondo and let natural rainfall do the deep watering. Any thoughts? It looks good now because the mondo was just planted. We are concerned about drowning the larger plants.

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    Run the area on two schedules. One for shallow watering, one for deep. For Mondo in that area, I would expect 4-7 day interval should be appropriate (verify with Lincoln) to a 4-6" depth. Might be able to push that even more depending on how shady it stays. For the shrubs, deep water every 21 days or so to a 24" depth.
  3. Thanks Kiril but I was hoping to see intelligent life in the Commercial Landscape area. You post with the irritators. Maybe irritators know more about plants than landscapers. I'll keep my posts over there. I'm actually doing what you suggested but my Lincoln right now in this heat has me watering every two days. We will manually do a deep watering if we don't get rainfall.
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    Once that stuff is established, I would push it to 10% of the PWP.
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    Say , you really are an irritator ( although your comments are quite helpful in the irritation section ) Worry about the mondo - the podocarpus will take care of itself . I can't make out the other big plants , but once established there's not a need to irrigate them anyway - during extreme drought , like we have in this region every year , it may be necessary to deep water them occasionally , but I've got lots of foundation plantings that are doing fine with no irrigation at all. Happy watering .

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