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Question- Pruning Wax Leaf

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by I am Me, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. I am Me

    I am Me LawnSite Member
    from D/FW
    Posts: 72

    I ran a search but didn't really find the answer I was looking for.

    A client has wax leaf ligustrum lining the entrance to the front of the house. Bottom of the bushes have been trimmed away to show 3' of stem and the top has been balled. Nice look, healthy plants.

    The problem is that they are over grown and have reached a hieght of 4.5 feet tall. The home owner wants to trim them back to about the 3 foot level to make them smaller and more "modern" looking. This would effectively remove all of the green growth leaving only the exposed stems.

    Will this work or will it kill the shrub. Will they fill back in or are they facing a nice hedge of just stems?

    I have limited knowledge in this area. Please help.
  2. I am Me

    I am Me LawnSite Member
    from D/FW
    Posts: 72

    Guess its a boring topic. Maybe it should be: How do you stripe ligustrums." Bet I'd get some replies then.:D

    Come on guys, some advice please
  3. GLAN

    GLAN Banned
    Posts: 1,647

    Privet aka Poormans hedge.

    If they grow for you like they do where I am you can trim then 2 or 3x a season.

    Can do just about anything you want, they will resprout. Cut out the old thicker branches for rejuvination
  4. I am Me

    I am Me LawnSite Member
    from D/FW
    Posts: 72

    Thanks Glan. I appreciate the info!

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