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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JB1, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Stuck on this one, how do you change your sales tax percentage to go from say 6% to 7%. Thanks for any help.
  2. Ruben Rocha

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    I don't use sales tax but if you goto edit>preferences>sales tax you can edit it there.
  3. Two Seasons

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    When you add a new customer, the setup screen will allow you to enter taxable/non-taxable and you set the percentage there.
  4. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    Go to your Items & Services icon on your home page. When you pull up the list, select your sales tax line and go to bottom left corner and click on edit item and make the change.
    Good Luck!
  5. Foz

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    You can setup different sales tax percentages for different areas. When I had my business in NY, the sales tax rate changed for each county. If your case is similar, setup each customer with the appropriate tax area & rate.

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