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  1. TJLC

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    Anyone tried Quickpro (by Roundup) yet. If so, any comments? It's supposed to be rainfast in 1 hr and you only use 1.5 oz per gallon. I just bought some. It costs $110.00 for 6.8 lbs. and makes about 72 finished gals. Havn't had a chance to use it yet because I still have some of the "old" roundup to use up.
  2. lawnstudent

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    Still using up regular roundup in the dry pack form.

  3. RMDoyon

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    Dr. Fred Yelverton at NCState ran a series of test plots for various systemic hebicides including QuickPro (which has Diquat, the active ingredient in Reward).

    The test plots were on display at the Turfgrass Field Lab in Raleigh this past spring.

    The QuickPro plot was no different from the RoundUp Pro plot. This was surprising because the label claims visual results in 48 hours.

    It should be noted that this test plots were boom-sprayed, not spot-sprayed so real-world results are bound to be different.

    I should also note that after 2 weeks, the RoundUp Pro plot had the best overall kill of any of the herbicides tested.

  4. lawnstudent

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    So much for the oft used marketing claims of "new & improved"!

  5. Kent Lawns

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    You have to ask yourself "Do I really want a contact herbicide?"

    Most of the time the answer is "No!"

    QuickPro, SpeedZone and like products take "instant gratification" a step too far.

    I prefer the "slow and thorough" to the "quick and patchy".
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  7. KirbysLawn

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    Well, I bought some yesterday and sprayed afternoon. Today when I got home the blades are yellowing, something R-Pro did not do for a week. Mainly trying it for the instant appearance for some customers
  8. TJLC

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    Thanks to all for your replys on this subject, I appreciate it.
  9. GrazerZ

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    We bought some and love it. Sprayed an area to be an ornamental bed and the next day grass was being toasted.

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