Quicksilver In Msma

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    Has Anyone Used Or Had Any Luck Mixing Quicksilver In Msma To Rainfast It Quicker? I Have Great Results With 3-way And Triplett But Never Tried It In Msma!

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    Its Hard To Believe That Not A Single One Of Us Have Tried This.
  3. Quicksilver is expensive, and doens't work on the weeds that MSMA is usually used against.

    That is why I have never thought of using it.

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    Thanks For The Reply Mr. Barefoot. Here In Oklahoma It Has Rained For The Last 23 Days. I Need To Get Control Of Crabgrass In My Yards But--- Its So Wet Nobody Can Mow And Its Going To Seed Out. Then I Will Really Have A Problem. I Want To Use The Quicksilver Only To Rainfast My Msma. I Have Never Used Q.s. As A Stand Alone Only To Waterfast My Broadleaf Chemicals. Lesco Told Me About It, They Said It Will Rainfast In Less Than Two Hours And It Did. 4/10th Of An Inch Of Rain In 3 Hours After I Sprayed. Got An Awesome Kill. But-- That Was 3-way. I Think I Will Try It In My Msma Next Week And I Will Find Out Soon Enough.
  5. Have you considered using a spreader/sticker to improve your rainfastness?

    I mixed Trimec992 and Quicksilver this spring and I had very fast weed kills. But I don't think Quicksilver will do what because its chemistry dosn't work on crabgrass.

    I have heard of people using Drive 75 and Dismiss together, but I havn't used it myself.

    Good Luck
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    I don't know if you can still get it but Trimec Plus would work for what your dealing with.
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    Don't use the Quiksilver and MSMA unless you put Three-Way or Trimec 992 with it. All the Quicksilver does is quickens the "top" kill of your BROADLEAF weed, doesn't do anything for the roots, which is why you need to add 3-way or Trimec.

    If you want something to "rainfast" quickly, use Spreader Sticker or better yet "Hawkeye". The Hawkeye is more expensive but works much better and quicker.
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    I think the main question here is the MSMA for the crabgrass kill. You guys are all talking about broadleaf kill. OP wanted to know how to rainfast his MSMA.

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    Tls Has Hit It On The Head! All I Want Is To Rainfast Msma. I Am Using 1 Quart Surfking Surftractant Per 100 Gallons Of Water Right Now Any More And I Get A Burn From It When Its Over 90 Degrees. I Just Want The Magic Formula Someone Has Come Across Or Has Heard About To Water Proof Msma For Crabgrass. My Magic Formula Is Quicksilver In 3-way "will" Rain Fast Broadleaf Kill In Only Two Hours.

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