Rain Bird 47 and 91 Series Impact Rotors?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Crazy Cutter, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Hey guys, have any of you installed,serviced, or have any expirience with the bigger impact rotors by Rainbird? Got an aunt who needs to irrigate a 4 3/4 acre field for light animal use and thinks she wants and underground system and my buddy and I will help her install it. Her regular lawn system is 3/4 Maxi Paws and some assorted Nelson rotors already and she thought that a bigger version of the Maxi Paw would maybe be the way to go because of there reliability, most of them were installed in the early nineties! What do you think, they're my personal favorite to use. Property has good water source and I believe enough PSI to run 3 or 4 of these bigger heads at a time. Right now she uses two 3/4" brass Rain Bird impact heads and a couple hundred feet of hose (tough old girl) that she moves around when watering is needed but she's in her late 50's now and so in the next few years that won't be able to happen, and I have time off now to help her over the weekend and next week. Another not so good option is to just burry pipe and install more brass impact heads above ground on 1 or 2" risers as a permanent install but were worried above the mowing when it becomes needed too, so we're shy about this idea.
    P.S. is the duel nozzel option worth it on these and how much more water PSI do you think it might require? Thanks for any help guys with this weird install.
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    Better to use above-ground full-circle impacts, if you want best reliability. What's your water supply flow and pressure? (gpm and psi)
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    Was thinking of several suggestions for you until I read this and then my 'feeble, late 50's brain" took a nap and I went and had some applesauce and a shot of Geritol.
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    I have experience with up to 1-1/2" impact sprinklers used on our QCV systems but I'm not familiar with the term "impact rotor" unless you're talking about really old ball-impact rotors. Modern sprinklers are usually separated impacts (such as the Maxi-Paws) or gear-driven rotors (such as the Falcon). Better have lots of GPM/PSI if this is what you're referring to.
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    Yup... they had their lunch handed to them. :)
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    Football? What about all those important Astros and Rangers games?
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    Listening to Yanks and Mets fans complain about their bazillion-dollar teams is getting kind of old. Pro football is kind of off my radar lately (Pacman Jones, Michael Vick, and assorted other idiots)

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