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  1. Rainman7

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    Anyone have any experience with Rainmaster Controllers. I am interested in the Eagle controller to take advantage of their iCentral program.
  2. Mike Leary is the man. PM him and wake him up. Hasn't posted much lately.
  3. PurpHaze

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    He may have taken the Airstream over to the nude beach. :laugh:
  4. Mike Leary

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    Ho ho ho, yes the Airstream is at a county park on Puget Sound north of here
    with killer view of Mt. Ranier....havn't been down too much to the studio.
    I like Rain Master a lot..very high quality, good factory support. I've not used
    the Eagle, but it looks interesting. My choice would be the DX-2 Evolution with
    the "Oasis" software. Let me know what the scope of the site is & I can help
    more. Weather-Station? Multiple clocks? I know Rain Master was sold to Toro
    & that could be good or horrendous, depending on what Toro does.:cry: :)
  5. PurpHaze

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    In this month's IA E-Times newsletter:

    "The Toro Company purchased irrigation controller manufacturer Rain Master Irrigation Systems." [​IMG]
  6. Don't get it either. Must want the remote technology.
  7. PurpHaze

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    Or to destroy the competitor's technology. The new Irritrol MC-Plus-E does not work with the Eicon remote as the MC-Plus A and B did for many years. You have to use the Toro Sentinel remote system now with it.

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