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  1. We have one customer in which 5 of her 13 zones over a three year period have all faulted. The problem has been solved by replacing the solenoid. None have done it twice. Never had this problem any where else. All the solenoids have done the same thing. The top bubbles a little and two holes show up. Any body else seen this?


  2. I have never seen this.....but I bet your RB rep has ;)
  3. Fortunately it is not my install. (They never are now) Henry's theory is that a bad batch of valves came out and that water is getting under the plastec mold around the solenoid. This is not a cheap solenoid either. All on one job doing the same thing.:confused: Controller is an ESPlx.
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    I saw the "bubble effect" on an Irritrol solenoid awhile back and posted pictures and a thread. Almost like it had exploded internally disfiguring the plastic casing. I've read somewhere that if waterproof splices aren't used then moisture can wick down the solenoid wires between the insulation and the wire and destroy the solenoid. I need to do a search this weekend and find where I first saw this info but I think it was one of the major manufacturers or possibly in some Ewing material.
  5. I believe these had DBY connectors. It was a high end residential system but I need to confirm that. 5 on one job? I'm suspecting something else. Could a clock do this? My electrical knowledge is all trial and error but this seems something different than bad solenoids and splices.
  6. 5 on one job....probably all came from the same box of valves..my guess woulld have to be defect....
  7. I have seen only a few solenoids like that. The ones I have seen were from the late 90's. That solenoid is not cheap I just purchased two this week and my cost is $38 each.
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    I have a similar situation with one of my customers. ESPLX controller and DV valves. I have replaced 5 out of 12 solenoids. I think it was due to a lightning strike because I replaced two shortly after a storm and the others have been going out ever since.
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    Sounds like it would be cheaper to buy a whole new valve, then youd have a replacement diaphram if you needed one.
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    I always buy the whole valve, it's usually cheaper than buying parts.

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