RC: has the DIY pics of the month!!

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    i gotta do an estimte first but boy..

    I ALMOST FELL OVER when i looked @ these.

    be back in 2 hrs.
  2. While the universe waits with baited breath I will steal the thread with my DIY doozy. No comments nescessary the bottom is an ORBITZ. Took today. Did not replace cuz I didn't want to hurt the HO's feelings.




  3. zman9119

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    A 16" P\U.... Thats new...
  4. bobw

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    dammit...I wanna sell that setup to one of my customers....just because he DESERVES it....
  5. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    Peter- those are great.

    A little history on this system, we spent hours pulling bougus DIY crap out of the ground.The homeowner/installer is dead now so it's ruff to break it to the mother/daughter..

    When we service this system its the bare minimal to keep it going..This time was a stuck valve.After we install 2 new valves in the ground,wire the bangers, fire it up to test pressure cleaning up our mess then water comes pouring 2 feet from the box...BANG a saddle with a 3/4 male adapter feeds a 33 gpm zoned sprays. Complete nightmare.

    well please keep the "negative BS/I WOULD OF" comments out of it.

    here goes.
    the old water master

    DIY nightmare
    bad pgp and mess

    ended up being a large operation,commons all run with separate wire..wiring code=:nono:


    thats right a 1 inch saddle supplies water to this zone feed..the hole=1/2 inch...me=*trucewhiteflag* *trucewhiteflag*


    ::falls over::




  6. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    cant edit
    what it ended up being

    where i learned my clean up from

    from a different job...junk manifold....
    and you all think im bad with stuffing jartops...@ least i put them in the middle of the box..

  7. PurpHaze

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    Astounding monkey business. [​IMG]
  8. turfnh2oman

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    The first four pics are going in my "hall of fame" picture book that I show to customers. Hey buddy, here's what three yahoo's in a pick-up truck charge. That's why my price is $ 2,500 higher - no brainer here !!!

    Good pics Fimco.
  9. Rotar-poly people. The thing that blows me away is the ring clamp on mainlines. Do those have a life span? No MV right? Having dug up ring clamps and seeing how they corrode I keep thinking they need to be replaced every 4-5 years to hold the pressure.
  10. Nice cleanup by the way. The shadow knows what he is doing.

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