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  1. hello to all of my fellow lawnsite members. i have been thinkin about something today. i know that a lot of us, who cut gras, cut trees, do mulch, etc. are somewhat competitive about what our best is, like: oh my best day for grass was 34 lawns in a day with 3 guys, or 1500 yards of mulch in a day, or 6 acres cleared in a day, or whatever it may be. i am writing this to see how many of us would be interested in doing a record forum book? just a thought.
  2. LoneStarLawn

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    Where would be the proof?
  3. that is what i was thinkin as well. i would just say that people would have to be honest. not unless we wanna start paying dues for chuck or eric to go around to all of our places and record this stuff, lol. good frequent flier miles for them however.
  4. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    I spread 1500 yds of mulch today. By myself. I swear. :)
  5. CMerLand

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    Awwww Vandora.

    You were sooo close I did 1525 yards today, but then my wheelbarrow got a flat tire. Better luck next time.

  6. lawnman_scott

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    we did 34 lawns in a day with 2 people once, but we have little crackerjack box houses around here.
  7. Fine Lines Lawn

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    LOL Vandora, and I'm looking forward to the additional replies.
    I cut 5 trillion blades of grass today :)
  8. scottb

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    Is that all you guy's did my Power Stroke powerd Toro Proline cut 52 lawns today with just me no helpers. Then I used it to move 2000 yds of mulch. Heck I dont even use the Superduty anymore unless it,s raining. lol lol
  9. Russ

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    My wife did'nt ask for any Money yesterday! Now there is a record!!
  10. awm

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    think they may be a little problem with this idea.:D

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