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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mikegyver, May 22, 2012.

  1. Mikegyver

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    Tell me what I need to know about remotes. What brand is the best? How do they actually work? What does a typical setup run? How hard is it to set up the pigtails on the controler?
    I need to get my backflow gauge before (any recommendations?) but after I get that I will be looking at a remote.
  2. Best....RainMaster Promax UA
    Best situation is having all your controllers be a single brand so you can buy a manufacturer specific remote and avoid pigtails. Rarely happens.
    They run the system from wherever you happen to be standing in the irrigation system. Eliminate the trips back and forth between the controller.
    Pigtail hookup varies by controller. Screw terminals are the fastest. RB ESPM is the easiest and fastest among residentials. The RB commercials with double speaker wire connectors are nice as well. The WM SL is the biggest pia to hook a pigtail to.
    I used my remote every day 3-6 times a day. It is like having an employee that stands at the controller and does what you ask but doesn't get a paycheck and doesn't screw with the radio in your truck.
  3. Mikegyver

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    What do they cost?
  4. jabbo

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    Speaking of remotes... Which remote would I need for my home irrigation only. I have all Hunter stuff... Pro-C.
  5. mitchgo

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  6. 1000' limit on that roam. Even less if you are on the opposite side of the house from the controller.
  7. jabbo

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    Ok, I'm an electronics guy and I do understand the "transmitter has to have a receiver" thing, but is this 2 remote looking things that you get with the "kit"??? Looks like they would have made the receiver look more like a small control box or something rather than look just like the other remote or am I missing something here. And also where would the receiver be mounted or is that the pic where it is mounted on the conduit coming up to the controller??? :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy:

  8. You are buying a cheap remote so it's going to look odd and plasticky. The receiver plugs into the remote port in mitchgo's last link.
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    Hunter devised a 3-terminal connector for their remotes, and the connector has a 1/2-inch male thread on it, so it can fit into a female-thread fitting

    You can't add extension wire to the connector, so it lives nearby the controller.

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