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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Frontier-Lawn, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Frontier-Lawn

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    i have a client that ran his lincon pickup over a sprinkler head and break it off.
    i reaplaced with with a hunter srs 4" and a prospray nozzle. what is the going rate to replace it?
  2. $15.00 installed plus a service call.....
  3. Flow Control

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  4. Frontier-Lawn

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    what if i was there mowing when i found it? :waving: :waving:
  5. lwcmattlifter

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    Did you have the replacement head with you at the time? You still have to charge for a service call or install labor. Take your pick.
  6. Mjtrole

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    are you looking for somebody to tell you that you should do it for cheap since you are already there cutting the lawn...........

    Still waiting?

  7. That was funny:laugh:
  8. If I was already there and had a extra head on the truck then I would only charge $15.00...buts that just me....

    When I upgrade a controller for a customer and they don't want the old controller I always keep them for special circumstances.
    I did a service call for existing customer who is a single divorced mom who's esp4si had seen better days. I told her it was her lucky day and I will give her a esp6si for free. She only paid for 1 head replacement, a dv-100 diaphragm and a service call....
  9. Frontier-Lawn

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    im just starting in on the head replacement for my clients, that way they dont have to go to someone else. i want to be a one stop shop. :drinkup:
  10. zman9119

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    Well... whats the cost of a dictionary?

    It might come in handy.


    As for the repair cost, t + m + mark-up = repair cost

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