replacing a cobra a a HO special

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Cobra connector replacement and a HO special



  2. You should love these Boots onlt 38kb
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    Bravo on the pics...
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    Is the middle pic a 3/4" inlet rotor on a 1/2" barb/ha-ha swing? Pic is so small that can't tell.

    Keep reducing your pics and you'll figure out how to make your own special avatars and we'll need Poindexter glasses to see them clearly. :laugh:
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    Put the last pic on a split rail fence and you have some of our local ag/ranch systems. :)
  6. I was worried about the size myself. (It was an experiment, they are very boring pics anyway)
  7. I was also worried about that middle pic. It is a 2.5 gpm RB 5000 on a Hunter 1/2" swing joint with a 1/2" by3/4" thd rb on one end and screwed into a marlex ell at the other. Posting pics is nerve wracking experience.
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    I ran into some of those in April on a renovation situation. We took out the original Hunter I-20s and installed MP-Rotators. It was more for aesthetics than functionality because the section next to this one had four rows of spray popups on a 30' wide turf area that had been divided into planter areas near the building. The planters never had a mow strip or any other type of divider to distinguish it from the turf area. Naturally, the turf grew into the planter and the plants died out so it was decided to just make it one large turf zone.

    Every one on the Hunter barbed/ha-ha swing joints had leaks in it also. I don't care what manufacturer's barbed/ha-ha swings are used, or if they're custom assembled by the contractor, they all tend to leak when installed on our sites. We replaced them all with our own swing joints.

    VLC Zone Renovations 4-07 IV-01.jpg

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