Ridgid pipe cutter review and another repair

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by FIMCO-MEISTER, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. i went to Grainger and ordered this pipe cutter that I wanted to try out. It cuts 1/2" like butter but nobody in the entire universe but me uses 1/2". On 3/4" and 1" a slight turn to start the cut is required. In order to get pipe in it has to open all the way which makes it hard to reach the handle to cut and I have good size hands. It comes with a holster but when you pull it out it catches the handle lock and immediately opens. I'll give it a c+. They need to try these things in the field before putting them on the market. I guess it's okay for a few cuts a day but not a lot of cuts in a hurry. Should cut through Rotars poly nice.




  2. Glad I didn't pull the sawzall on this. A lot of roots on this job and I thought they were the culprit but I'm still nervous about the sawzall since I cut a customers electric line to his pool shutting his power down to the whole house. Any way it turned out to be pipe damaged by fiber optic installation. Guy said it was put in 5 years ago and has been leaking ever since.


  3. Mike Leary

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    Thats a homeowner version of the cutters Ridgid used to make, jeez, every
    one is getting into the big box train of thought these days.:gunsfirin
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    Another reason to use sch 40 & sleeves. Why don't the clients ever call us to
  5. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    great pics pete...

    i think those would chomp through some poly..

    How was this system working with an abortion like that in the ground I wonder.
  6. I got them at Grainger. I've never seen them before.
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    The early ones were hell for stout, quit using them 'cause my rep had trouble
    getting blades. Did you get extra blades? Do.
  8. I did get one extra. I keep a knife sharpener in the truck and usually get my blades to last a while.
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    I'll stick with my ratchet cutters for "dinky pipe". :)

    Roots pics looks like many I run into. With the proliferation of tree plantings it's becoming more common. When we finally lose all our water it will be with great interest that I watch all those suckers die. :laugh:
  10. Since it was 1/2" pipe going to one head and not completely broken with high pressure everything sorta worked.

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