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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SprinklerGuy, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I am beginning my lawn maint company this spring after much debate.

    I have two trailers....8x16 tandem axle and 6x10 single axle with ramp gate. Both have low sides and will need to be extended and racks mounted for trimmer/blower etc. I assume that most of you keep stuff locked up while you are working? any suggestions as to how to manage this if you are solo?

    I plan to have the regular hand held equipment and a 36 wb and at least one 21 inch wb....

    Thanks in advance for posting pics for ideas.
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    On my 12' trailers we use locking racks for all of the handhelds and BP blowers. The 16' and 18'ers all have built in locking 24"x24"x24"x7' mesh steel boxes. For the WB's and 21"ers I bought those heavy duty "snake" braided steel (very thick probably 1" around) covered in weather proof clear rubber with the built in, end male/female locks (so there is no hasp to cut that way). These pretty much could only be opened with some really big heavy duty bolt cutters or power steel cutter and even then it would take a while. They are also very fast to use and we simply run them through the trailer sides and the equipment. The brand I bought was Masterlock and they have them at a very reasonable price at Northern Tool.

    Also try the pictures forum on here for more info.

    Of course as said earlier locks are really only for honest people anyway :cry:
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    WE use trimmer trap to hold our hand held stuff. Then we have blower racks look on ebay you can find them from time to time there. we use a set of locks with the same key that works out great!
  5. no pics of trailer rigs in pics forum...

    Think I should use the "harder to pull, harder to maneuver" larger trailer or the small one?
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    if i had to do it all over again i would get a isuzu box truck with a dove tail on the back. Just think never loading or unloading the trailer again. you can cut a hole in the box to get gas lines in so you dont even have to unload to gas up.
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    If you are only going to have 1 WB and a 21 and handhelds there is no reason to use anything but the small one.
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    I recommend a smaller trailer because you only carry certain tools for maintenance. A bigger trailer is good for tractors and landscaping supplies like trees rocks etc. Save some gas.

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