RTC pigtail to rain dial wiring

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by AI Inc, Mar 10, 2008.

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    Ok, I found it in the truck. If you hold the raindial pigtail plug away from you like if you were plugging it in, here is the wiring diagram. left to right.
    white W black stripe
    red W black stripe
    orange W black stripe
    blue W white stripe
    sorry here , next 1are broken but only 2 on pigtail broken are orange With red stripe and green W white stripe
    3rd wire from right to blck W white stripe
    2nd from right to green W black stripe
    good luck and if someone gets the 2 missing please post correctly

  2. We did make one. It works okay. Only problem is that our plug falls out to easy. I'll take pics. The raindial with its easy to get to screw terminal strip can have a pigtail installed in 5 minutes. Since we put them on and leave them I decided to encourage that route.
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    I used to do that but Im to cheap to spend the money when Ill be replacing them with a pro c as soon as they have issues.
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    SO did you make any of these? If so Im looking to buy.
  5. Yes we did make one but it was very unstable at the plug in. We could only rely on it by putting the RD on its back on the table. I've decided :rolleyes: this is not a revenue stream I wish to pursue. But I am going to work on an alligator clip version with alligator clips that manage to stay on. I have a tip though. Get a pigtail, solder the wire tips so they don't frey, and use that to wire direct to the RD terminal strip. It is the easiest timer to put a pigtail on. I can wire in a 12 zone RD in 5 minutes or less.

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