Run-IN with Steel Pipe

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RollTide11, May 7, 2008.

  1. RollTide11

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    Today I mowed a huge 6 acre lot that was all grown up and I checked it out the best I could but like I said it was really bad grown up. Anyway I ran over a 1/2 steel pipe about a footlong with an elbow and another piece of pipe on it laying in the grass. It wasn't connected to anything and it cut it right in half at the elbow and slung part of it into a main road. Good thing nobody was passing by. I haven't lifted it up yet but as far as I can tell the blades are fine. Does anyone think it could have bent the spendle. Thanks, its a Gravely 152M
  2. 1993lx172

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    most likely your blades are nicked some but a quick pass with a grinder will fix that. At the start of the season I hit a gate latch in a back yard, it was about cut in half but the only damage to my mower was a small nick in the blades that a pass or two with a bench grinder took care of.
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    May I ask why you posted this again?
  4. 1993lx172

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    Me or him?
  5. Raven386

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    RollTide .....
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    I know Exmark and probably others test decks with a steel rod pushed up in the path of the blades to see how spindles hold up. I hit a cast iron meter one time in some grass that killed the engine with no damage to anything but the blades if that makes you feel better. Construction crews left it above grade over the Winter one year, I had cut the grass there for years and then boom, I find the meter several inches above grade.
  7. 18lmslcsr

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    The toro hit a landscape spike just the other day...what a pisser...brand new blade all tore up...thank god the rest of the system was o.k.


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