San Antonio's BMW Lawn Tree & Yard Care * 210-379-7569

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  1. <center>Trey Bernhardt's
    San Antonio's BMW Lawn Tree & Yard Care
    <center>* 210-379-7569
    * Blow * Mow * Weed * Edge * Trim * Cut * Prune *Complete Tree & Lawn Care on a scheduled basis. Property clean up & hauling off debris. Tree planting & landscaping for new home and commercial projects.

    Trey Bernhardt: College Graduate: UCC * 1991 Business Major
    Owner: Express Medical Service * Ambulance * San Antonio
    Owner: Ambulance & Safety Suppl
    Owner & Manager: BMW Lawn Tree & Yard Care * San Antonio

    Company Goals:
    To provide the very best in serving customers that want quality lawn, tree, and property care services for a fair price with workmanship that is proven to please!

    Trey Bernhardt 210-379-7569 or 210-975-3713 after 7pm.


    Additionainal Information:
    BMW Lawn Tree & Yard Care Service
    Residential * Corporate * Commercial * Institutional Contract Rates for lawn and tree services.
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