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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Switched my entire system over to MProtators. When we moved into our house, over 15 years ago, I just put in a half assed systems since we have house water and irrigation off a well and I did not want to run our well dry.

    Saturday I reworked the entire front yard into two zones with 6 heads on each zone. Using a total of 6.65gpm on each zone while maintaining 30psi out of my 1/2hp pump. Switched the controller to a Hunter Pro-c so I could use the delay between zones feature and will be installing a Hunter ET system this week. The main reason for the redo was so I can evaluate the ET system on my own yard.

    Killed all the grass in the front and plan on seeding fescue, side yard has St. Augustine and back yard has Bermuda. The ultimate testing

    Started trenching at 10:30am, cut the phone line at 11:00am, repaired phone line and started trenching again at 11:30am. Tested the front yard at 4:00pm.

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    Jeez....a sprinkler guy who works on his own system on the weekend????
    Who woulda thought? Nice pics, London.:)
  3. Last thing I really wanted to do but since ET is the new Buzz word I figured I would get one more leg up on the competition.
  4. Went Hunter ET after all that raving I've done on the WM!? Oh well. We can compare notes. They have more features on their sensor apparatus. That I know.
  5. I use the pro-c on most of my installs and I needed the delay function. I am going to see if I can get a free ET from the Hunter rep.
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    This is true, but when it boils down to water savings and what is necessary to determine how much water to apply, WM takes the cake!
  7. What is the advantage of using WM over the Hunter ET system?
  8. Don't know because I've never used the Hunter version. But for future info the WM has a time delay between zones. The WM ET is part of the Controller. The Hunter I believe is a stand alone unit.
  9. Peter thanks for the info, I will check the price of the WM and the weather station if it is about the same as the Hunter ET then I might just get the WM controller and station.
  10. I've yet to see anybody praise the Hunter ET system on Lawnsite. I'm going to post a thread and see if we can't get some feedback.

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