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    Just wondering how most of you set up your weekly mowing schedules. what methods are easiest? right now i just write down who i mow, and what day. i'm getting new customers every week. i don't have access to a printer. (my girfriend does, but lives an hour away). i'd like her to put something together for me. something printed, maybe from MS Word? i'd like to hear from you guys. thanks :p
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    If you have 50 or less, let me know on here, or e-mail me and I'll make something up for you using MS Office so you can add to it or change stuff to your liking.

    If you have more than 50, you might look into a program designed for schedueling tasks.

    Good Luck either way!
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    we schedule by zone. this cuts window time down. we never bend for new accounts, it's today is the day or sorry we cant help.
    get a pencil and some notebook paper. make a simple spread sheet and photo copy it. this way when you do billing at the end of the month you know who pays what. this also applies when you get paid, keep trck of the check numbers and such
    ( late fee's and etc )
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    Guido: i have about 30 accounts. that would be great if you'd do that. i'm just getting too disorganized. thanks

    F350: i keep good records of payments, check #'s and what have you. i obviously also schedule by zones (i think everyone does)

    you brought up late fees long do you give each customer to pay? how big of a late fee?

    thanks guys
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    See if you like this form. It was just something I whipped up quick in Excel. You can tailor it to your needs, or if you need help just shoot me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do for you.

    What I would do with this is type in all your customers names, addresses, telephone #'s and the price you charge them.

    It will be good for one cycle (i.e. one week, 7 days, or 10 days, depending on how often your cuts are set up.)

    Once you write in all the dates serviced (time in and time out too if you desire) you'll know you knocked out all your accounts. Time to start a new sheet.

    Now, one thing I added that may also be of use is the paid column. If you want to track everything simply on one sheet, you can keep track of payment for the job and write in the check #, or cash, etc. You can keep the old sheets in a 3 ring binder in those clear protective sheets.

    This doesn't replace a good accounting program, but it will work if your client base is 50 or less without much of an investment.

    Let me know if this helps!

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    we bill the very last week of the month. all payments are due on or before the 7th. if payment is returned after the 7th a 5% fee is processed ( no exceptions ) any account that goes 14 days after the the 7th is suspended. all contracts have a required 30 day notice. so if they want to cancell service from us for another provider they need to notify us 30 days in advance, this keeps us on top of the books. i have had companies take over a few accounts and they have paid for the month so they could take it over.

    " F350: i keep good records of payments, check #'s and what have you. i obviously also schedule by zones (i think everyone does)

    this kind of tee'd me off.. sorry i didn't realize that you had it all wrapped up.

    "i obviously also schedule by zones (i think everyone does)"

  7. LawnLad

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    Expert -

    We use an excel spread sheet that lists our customers and their relavent contact information in order that the properties are to be serviced. In the excel file, we use a separate tab for each crew. In the file - Monday, Tuesday, etc. are each listed with the customer below.

    While the guys are working they fill out two pieces of paperwork. One sheet that covers payroll and related production information and a general description of what was done for the day (Construction, maintenance, enhancement crews all use this same form). Maintenance crews use a second sheet which they manually write the property they serviced, in/out times, # of crew and services performed (check list). They also write in the Service Notice number. The service notice is a 2 pt NCR form. We leave one behind for the customer and the crew returns one with their paperwork. The SN form indicates when the crew left the property and what services were performed. We bill off of the service notice. The log sheet is used to see what properties were serviced and to track the time - which then is ultimately accumulated and summarized on the first sheet mentioned.

    The excel spread sheet acts as a route sheet only or a check list of work that is to be performed. We update and reprint this form everytime a customer is added, deleted or rerouted if needed. The formula "=today()" will give you today's date printed on the spread sheet - so every time you reprint you can tell which route sheet is most current.

    Hope this helps...
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    Try CLIP Lite. It will handle 50 accounts and do the billing also. I use it as my Accounts Receivable module, and do the rest of the books in Peachtree. CLIP was $250, and Peachtree was $80.
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    Was that something like what you were looking for?
  10. Expert Lawns

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    yes guido, thank you. that is perfect. :D

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