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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, May 24, 2008.

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    I have to bore under a driveway. my machine has the hydro bore and I bought some rods and bit yesterday but I have never done this and don't know anyone who could show me. So any pointers would be a big help, like how far down to start boring, how fast to go, and the best way to get the pipe back through the hole. Thanks.
  2. If boring a concrete drive then bore on an expansion joint, so you will not crack the drive .Bore 18"-24" deep or deeper, start the boring head level, use a tee handle for safety reasons plus you can level the boring rods.....if we needed a 1" pipe under the drive or a sleeve we used a boring bit that was double the size and/or a back reamer.....

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    Is that a 3500 londonrain?

    Have you had problems with the trencher drive bearings burning out?
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    Don't forget to dig safe mon amiee!!!
  5. Call the utility location in. We just had a gas line disaster in McKinney, TX caused by a boring incident. Blew up two houses and killed at least one person I believe.
  6. 2310 diesel with a 3500 trenching doom problems
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    We could bore you on schooling too,.

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